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We are an international firm that provides full assistance in decommissioning, remediation, adaptive reuse and urban/land regeneration projects both in the civil and industrial sector.


Our creative and technical skills, developed through decades of experiences on an international playground and across a variety of very demanding industries, are the foundation for developing successful solutions around the world.


We are highly flexible, able to create bespoke teams combining our experience with local experts whatever the location and the nature of the work required by the client.


We work during any and every step of the decommissioning and regeneration process.


Service offerings depend on the specific needs of our clients but spans from preliminary surveys and feasibility studies through environmental impact assessment, risk analysis and compliance review to on-site operations management.


We can deliver virtually any kind of advisory, consulting, design, engineering, training, second party inspections and project management services.


Our business model is based on networking and teamwork because we know that the simplest of projects may present unpredictable challenges that require a variety of skills.


Thus, we integrate the ideas of architects, urbanists, agronomists, chemists, geologists, biologists, economists, lawyers as well as environmental, safety, mining, process, structural engineers in order to successfully regenerate decaying sites.








Any organization, private or public, that is interested in decommissioning, adaptive reuse and regeneration projects is a potential client.

We work with developers, investors, private and public companies, general contractors, government and non-government organizations.

Our customers include public infrastructure, manufacturing, petrochemical, oil&gas, shipping, mining and power industries.





Mechanical engineer with a Masters in Science from the University of Bologna, Roberto is ReWorx’s founder and senior executive partner. Since the late 1980s he has matured a wealth of experience working for numerous multinational companies as an occupational health and safety and industrial risks specialist in the oil & gas, petrochemical, shipbuilding and civil construction industries. Possessing an entrepreneurial mindset, Roberto co-founded the award-winning HSE consulting firm Techno in 1999 and has continued to garner expertise in forensic engineering, business development and company management – essential skills for leading decommissioning and regeneration project. He is the author of several books on occupational health and safety and is currently an external professor at the University of Ferrara where he teaches courses on decommissioning of industrial sites.

Daniele Arasi



Now senior partner and head of the HS and technical department of Techno, previously Daniele managed Tecap his private practice for over 10 years.
Daniele, whose studies include land survey, has gained sterling experience over the past 30 years in topography, occupational health and safety and fire engineering, while also developing outstanding construction management skills in building, demolition and revamping projects in both the civil and industrial sectors. He has also acquired extensive know-how in the design, construction and shut-down processes of landfills and in the management of remediation projects.




Chemical engineer (M.Sc.) with a degree gained at the University of Bologna and a MBA degree from the University of Berkley, Carlo has spent the past 25 years as manager of diverse multinational companies and regional director of an international certification institute. He now leads his own management consultancy firm and is a senior partner at ReWorx. His experience in compliance management and auditing processes is crucial to fully understanding risk scenarios, delivering risk-based feasibility studies and managing multidisciplinary projects efficiently.




A chemist and associated professor at the Chemistry Department of the University of Ferrara since 1981, Achille retired in 2013 and is now chairman of the university spin off Gate srl. His research activity for over forty years has been relevant to the thermodynamics and structure of electrified interfaces. Since the 80’s he extended his research activity to the electrode kinetics of the oxygen and chlorine evolution reactions. A former chairman of Division 5 of the International Society of Electrochemistry and member of several chemistry associations he is the author of over 150 scientific papers and two industrial patents.

Since a long time, Achille has also been involved in research activities about the application of electrochemistry and electrochemical technologies to wastewater and soil reclamation from heavy metals and organic pollutants on behalf of several big industrial companies. He plays a key role in the management of any kind of water and soil reclamation would occur during decommissioning projects.




Marine chemist at the Port of Trieste, Italy, since 2001, with a strong background of over 20 years in ship and petrochemical plant hazard evaluations in the North Adriatic Sea, Alessandro is a key figure in the multifaceted procedure of chemical risk assessment, from the initial decommissioning project stage to the temporary storage facilities management and shipping of dangerous goods originating from demolition and remediation activities. Thanks to his 24 hours a day/7 days a week availability and to the wide stock of portable measuring tools and instruments at his disposal, he can immediately detect on location any danger connected to shipbuilding, sea traffic, cargo operations and content. He provides all safety requirements and procedures in all emergency and non emergency situations. He coordinates a team of chemists and marine chemists, one of whom holds a specialization in multimodal transport of dangerous goods and chemical hazard evaluation.
Alessandro holds a Master of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of Trieste.




UK-born mechanical engineer now based in Rotterdam, Ronnie has resided in various countries around the world, such as Egypt and Nigeria for over 40 years, and worked for international subsea operations companies serving the oil & gas industry. With an extensive knowledge of the subsea business (diving, ROVs, geophysical surveys, etc.) and the support vessel world, Ronnie is a key figure in projects involving offshore and harbour interventions.




An aerospace engineer with a Masters of Science degree from the Politecnico University of Milan and former corporate top manager, Antonio has spent almost 25 years in the multidisciplinary engineering business in the oil & gas and petrochemical market. His vast knowledge of the oil&gas world and his experience in managing large project teams and managing international networks of companies and free-lance consultants are of great value both in developing oil&gas decommissioning projects as well as in overseeing complex multidisciplinary projects in any sector.




An environmental consultant with significant relevant experience, Carl has held leading roles in complex multidisciplinary teams for successful environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs), environmental permitting and environmental remediation projects in the infrastructural, oil & gas and mining industries. His expertise in managing  stakeholders engagement activities including public consultation coupled with his diversified experience as compliance monitoring in the mining sector, in Mauritania, Armenia, Sudan, Romania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Guinea Bissau, have contributed to much success.




A cultural heritage scientist with a Masters of Science degree from Ravenna’s School of Mosaic Restoration and the University of Bologna, Claudia is a a renowned figure in mosaics restoration, professor, lecturer and consultant in Italy and other countries such as Jordan, Portugal, Syria, Turkey and the UK.
Over the past 20 years she has also directed numerous restoration projects of historical buildings and artefacts.




A Mechanical Engineer (M.Sc.) from the University of Bologna, Francesco is a Ionizing Radiation Protection Qualified Expert (enrolled in the “National Register of 3rd level Qualified Experts” – n. 506), a member of the Board for Safety at the Workplace at Register of Graduated Engineers of Bologna and a member of the GER “Gruppo Emergenze Radiologiche” [Radiological Emergencies Group] made up by ANPEQ and Ministry of Interiors – Fire Brigade, Public Rescue, Civil Defense – Emergency and Technical Rescue (DCEST). Francesco gathered a great experience and knowledge in the past 25 years of activity both in health and in industrial fields as a radioprotection specialist; his skills and a broad experience gained in a wide array of industries is of great value in investigating the presence of NORM, TENORM, contaminated scrap and lost radioactive sources in the very early stage of any decommissioning project as well as managing radioactive wastes.




A registered professional architect, Gilbert holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from the Institut Supérieur d’Architecture St-Luc in Bruxelles (Belgium). Now based in Johannesburg (SA), he is a renowned Heritage Architecture Specialist and since 2007 has worked on multiple award-winning large scale projects across Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.
Gilbert is a regular visiting lecturer and critic at the Wits University, the University of Johannesburg and Pretoria. He is head of the architectural department at LSP, an architecture firm where his main task is leading large scale renovation, adaptive re-use projects, and heritage development strategy and planning. His expertise is of great value in decommissioning projects that are focused on the conservation and re-use of the existing assets.




A civil engineer with a Master of Science from the University of Bologna, Giovanni runs CYD, a yachting and civil engineering design firm established in the 1950s. He gained worldwide recognition at the end of the 1980s for leading the design and construction activities for numerous mass-produced and custom-built sailing yachts and motor boats – including a couple of America’s Cup challengers – as well as for the structural and architectural design of pleasure boat marinas, urban waterfront regeneration developments and civil buildings design.




A chemistry graduate Masters of Science and Business from the University of Pisa, London-based Lorenzo has worked for the past 15 years in the conventional and renewable energy sector in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has extensive experience in technical and commercial due diligence, investment origination, feasibility studies and profitability analysis, as well as in setting up investor relationships.




Civil engineer with a University of Bologna Masters of Science degree, Maurizio has had a manifold professional background, from being free-lance consultant to heading municipal technical departments for 15 years and running his structural engineering practice.
His broad experience as public authority official and structural engineer for over 25 years has been undoubtedly indispensable for managing permitting activities, surveying activities and structural design – including seismic – of all types of steel, concrete, brick and wood structures.




Chemical engineer with a Master of Science from the University of Bologna, Ph.D. in Environmental and Safety Chemical Engineering, Paola is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Ferrara in Environmental & Sanitary Engineering. Her main activity fields are related to the treatment of wastewater and sludges, upgrading of existing wastewater treatment plants by conventional and advanced technologies, and environmental risk assessment posed by residues of organic and inorganic pollutants in water. She is co-Editor in Chief of an Elsevier journal, co-author of a manual on wastewater treatment (Hoepli, 2005) and author of more than 50 publications among papers in International journals or book chapters.




Agronomist with a Masters of Science degree from the University of Bologna, Paolo has worked alongside international firms since the beginning of the 1990s as a landscape architect in new projects including public parks and golf courses as well as land regeneration projects around the world, such as Ireland, the Canary Islands and Barbados. In addition, he was landscape and city planning coordinator in the development project for Equatorial Guinea’s new capital.




Civil engineer, geomatics professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ferrara, Paolo manages a group of six (6) highly-skilled experts involved in building and land surveys, aerophotogrammetry and chemical/physical atmospheric and UAV soil and water monitoring and sampling, all integral activities at the initial stages of decommissioning and regeneration projects when the lack of data and information is the main obstacle.
Paolo has a Ph.D from the University of Bologna.




A civil engineer with a Masters of Science degree from the Politecnico University of Turin and former Italian Air Force Officer. After a preliminary experience as structural designer and then as a Councillor for Public Works in Northern Italy, Paolo has developed a huge experience as marketing and technical manager for industrial companies with operations in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. Since the early 2000s Paolo has been working as senior designer and product developer for multinational leading companies producing fall protection systems such as PPE for rope access and confined spaces rescue. He now manages his own consulting firm where the skill and the expertise developed worldwide in a variety of sectors are the foundations for safety and procedures to access plants and buildings during both preliminary and core of a decommissioning project.




Chartered engineer, former manager of international environmental engineering firms, Pietro is now based in London from where he leads his own consulting company and set up Integer, a Techno sister company in 2014. He has more than two decades of experience in environmental and social impact analysis (ESIA) and in permitting and stakeholder engagement related to oil & gas, petrochemical, transportation and energy projects, where he has reaped the necessary skills to carry out and manage the environmental, social and regulatory services required by decommissioning and regeneration projects.




An Environmental Scientist with a M.Sc. degree from the University of Bologna and a M.Sc. in geophysics from the University of Trieste, Roberta has been working since over 15 years as an applied geophysics specialist in Italy and in several foreign countries (the likes of Albania and Libya) carrying out consulting and surveying services on land and at sea. Her experience spans from geophysical and geotechnical characterization to diagnostics related to infrastructure, monumental buildings and industrial plants; a long-time researcher in the field of NDT methodologies, Roberta now leads the consulting firm Anfibia and co-leads the academic spin-off Esplora.

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A civil engineer with a master and a Ph.D. in offshore and coastal engineering at the University of Bologna, Agnese is a motivated engineer and professor.
She was involved in several research projects on offshore and coastal engineering at the University of Bologna, Italy, and at IH Cantabria, University of Cantabria, Spain.
Since 2018, she has worked in the oil&gas industry as a project engineer.
In a recent past she collaborated with Ceccarelli Yacht Design in the restoration project of a Roman ship, discovered in the Valleys of Comacchio (Po Delta Regional Park).
She is a collaborator of Techno for projects related to marine and offshore operations.
Since several years she has been involved in the analysis of the opportunities related to the decommissioning and repurposing of offshore platforms and she is the author of the book “Offshore Adriatico: Opportunity to reuse of the existing structures”, Homeless Book.




Saghy Saeidtehrani is a passionate Ph.D. marine engineer based in Iran with practical experience in a wide range of challenging coastal and offshore projects carried out with local and international teams and project partners spanning from Europe to the United States.
Part of her experience is related to developing assessment tools for various levels of analysis and design procedures. She has developed a methodology for comprehensive study on non-linear stochastic and deterministic dynamic response for offshore structures regarding soil-structure-wave-wind interaction. She also worked on the development of the hybrid numerical-experimental simulation tools for analysis and design procedure of different innovative multipurpose offshore wind turbines and wave energy converters.
Saghy has been privileged to be the technical lead of various multi-disciplinary projects such as national port master planning and port development, developing design criteria and standards as well as assessment tools. Her personal track record is of great worth during the preliminary structural assessment for the repurposing of any kind of harbor, coastal and offshore structure.




Mauro is an experienced business developer with a legal and financial background and a profound interest in energy and environmental sectors.
Following his graduation in business law in 2008 at Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome and his international finance studies in Luxembourg, he worked with international law firms and investment funds as legal advisor and business developer on several investment and M&A transaction within the renewable energy and infrastructures´ sectors.
He was part of to the team assisting Consorzio Venezia Nuova on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on the project finance of the high tides protection system “Mose“. Mauro also assisted one of the major Nordics´ private investor on the setting up and financing of its Italian pv/wind projects´ pipeline.
Mauro has been living and working in Europe, Africa and South America.
He is currently based in Sao Paulo where he advises private equity firms on the analysis and development of investment opportunities within the distributed and centralized energy sector including decommissioning and repurposing of disused plants.


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We have our HQ in Europe. Our partners and associates are based in Johannesburg, London, Maputo, Milan, Natal, Ravenna, Rotterdam and Trieste.


We are ready and able to work in virtually any part of the world in partnership with local consultants and technical advisors.


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