Reworx | Advisory and consulting
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Advise our clients at any stage of the decommissioning project is our core business; virtually any discipline pertinent to decommissioning, demolition, remediation or regeneration initiatives can be covered by our group of specialists and practitioners.


We will provide our passionate, competent, creative and cost effective advise, focusing on finding solutions, reducing costs and controlling risks. Our advice is based primarily on our experience. Few hours of work, may be sufficient to deliver solutions, strategic options, and preliminary action plans.


We support our experience with advanced tools for expedited analysis, such as databases, literature, mathematical models, market intelligence and surveys, regulatory frameworks, georeferenced analysis, software for risk assessment and for the support to decision making. As a result of the advisory services, more significant consultancy services might be required, which will be based and that will incorporate the contents of the previous advisory stages, with evident synergies.


Consultancy services can include some of the services described in the other sections or to be bespoke activities, focalised specific and peculiar issue, such as exploring and comparing technological options for decommissioning and reuse, identify and find remedies to fatal flaws, develop business plans, build the regulatory universe applicable to the project, identify and analyse the most convenient regulatory strategies.


We are available to discuss with you, free of charge, to identify your needs and propose the right advisory services or a more structured consultancy.

Typical areas of activities

– Identification of technological, logistical, options and adaptive reuse solutions
– Project planning
– Management of hazardous materials
– Mothballing, demolition and deconstruction strategies
– Non-financial risk assessment
– Site value and asset evaluation
– Redevelopment options
– Environmental and Social consultancy