Reworx | Design and engineering
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creative and technical skills both on the building and environmental sides

The design and engineering phase is crucial from both technical and economic point of view; decommissioning operations may appear as a simple exercise of reverse engineering or of rough demolition but, very often, it is a complex and highly hazardous work due to the uncertainty of the structural strength, the presence of unknown hazardous substances, the possible presence of residual energy and many more unknown factors.


Likewise, the reuse and regeneration of an area of the residual structures, require adaptive approaches, which cannot ignore the previous use and characteristics of the of the assets. Throughout an integrated approach we can optimise the engineering of the identified solutions in a time and cost effective manner.


The Re-Worx team can cover most of the engineering disciplines, including structural and architectural. We have also a long track record of HSE related design and engineering, remediation and urban landscaping.


Finally, engineering regeneration solutions requires creative and technical skills both on the building and environmental sides which are incorporated in our team at the highest levels

Our team of specialists can manage the following areas

– Structural
– Architectural
– Geotechnical and Hydraulics
– Urban and Landscape
– Health and Safety
– Remediation
– Site engineering