Reworx | Preliminary survey
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The Preliminary Survey is the very first step of a project, but, nevertheless, a fundamental one. At this stage is of paramount importance collecting, analysing, evaluating and storing data in a cost effective manner to build up a robust baseline and an inventory that will constitute the essential footings to design the right solutions, to take the right decisions, to avoid future liabilities and to satisfy regulatory requirements.


Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team, we are able to collect and analyse most of data required for a decommissioning project. We can collect for free or at low cost existing datasets such as literature data, satellite imagery and GIS layers, organise low cost surveys by drones, ROVs and UAVs equipped with special sensors (e.g. LIDAR, thermal, radiations, bathymetry) and develop cost benefit analysis to organise quantity data survey, chemical, biological, physical, social, cultural or environmental data collection.


All collected data can be organised by us in a geo-referenced web based portal, which will constitute the common source for all the decommissioning phases, avoiding mistakes and duplications. Finally we can provide an intelligent interpretation of the collected data, extracting from them all the valuable information that can help to design and plan better.

Typical services

– Environmental and Social Baseline Data Collections
– Hazmat inventory
– Ground investigations
– Geomatic surveys and rendering